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Reuse Italy: Torre Rinalda

Team: Mina Tawadros + Amr Al Saeed + Juan Camacho + Matias Salas (LSAA Architects) 

Location: Lecce, Italy

Year: 2023

Type of Project: Ideas Contest

Site Impressions

 The Area is strongly featured by its relation with the Adriatic sea. Likewise, the defensive Tower’s system is distributed all along the coast, providing a high potential to reinforce this historical relation with the water. 


About the Proposal

The Project aims to highlight the role of the tower as a landmark in the shore, binding together Water, Seightseeing and Social encounter. The proposal can be understood through 3 main strategies:

1 An extended Pier disposed underneath the tower, connecting the hinterlands with the sea. The new wooden deck aims not only to have a “plinth-like” symbolic value but also to host social encounters on the seafront.

2 The Tower, as the main focal point. Its extension is conceived as a wooden prosthesis, Its shape reflects both, the typology of the Typical towers of the Kingdom of Naples with a sloped body and a crowned top, and on the other hand, the inner core of the ancient tower.

3 A Lighthouse, reinforcing the historical role of the light as a guiding element of the sea culture. It will be replicated along the whole shore providing a new system of Light towers.

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