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Saldum Memorial

Team: QI Gao + Ilayda Cömert + Prarthana Ulaganthan + Matías Salas (LSAA)

Location: Dobra, Serbia

Year: 2023

Type of Project: International Workshop-Milano

Professor: Nora Lombardini

Site Impressions


The area is located in the border between Serbia and Romania, along the Danube river, a territory featured by a strong beautiful natural character, with 3 main elements:

The Kucaj Mountains - The Danube River - The Fertile Valleys.


Heritage Network

Roads are the most common Roman infrastructure, known from the all parts of the Empire. Because of the narrow gorge and steep cliffs there was no space to construct regular roads. Therefore legionnaires had to cut the road into the rock itself: Limes Road. Likewise, On most critical, vulnerable spots, military camps of different sizes were erected, for survailing the border and regulation of fl uvial transport.

Limes Roads + Military Camps


Current Life

Current Life is featured by a strong relation with the water, important water network potential and the development of settlements along the valleys-Dobra- Likewise, the hinterland territory is featured by its scenic views and Hiking paths

About The Proposal

The fortification on Saldum was an asymmetrical trapeze with longer sides parallel to the Danube and its internal dimensions were 43.50 x 31.20 m.

The project is inspired by the elements that composed the ancient Roman fortress. It is a deconstructed version of the fort. re arranged on a 5x5m grid. It consists of a central courtyard that is enclosed by 4 Ramparts that represent the 4 walls of the ancient fort. Each of these Ramparts tries to evoke a different experience for the user.


North Rampart- Reminiscing This is one of the entry corridors that is deliberately given an enclosed feeling with a narrow skyline along its axis. This is to give the users a feeling of being submerged. This passage opens with a framed view of the Bouy which is placed in the location of one of the submerged piers of the old fortress.

The width of this passageway is about 1.90m wide, these dimensions are derived from the old ramparts West Rampart- Recollecting This corridor is wider and fully enclosed. It contains all the information related to the history of the Roman fortress and Roman limes.

The wall facing the courtyard has strategically placed openings that help frame the view of the grid. This view is accompanied by seating spaces for the users. South Rampart- Recreating This corridor helps users understand the architecture of the past. These walls are embedded with the replication of the old fortress. The archeological evidence and information found help us create this space. This can help users recognize the materials and construction used in the ancient Roman fort. East Rampart- Remembering In the east Rampart, all the information regarding the History of

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