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POLIMI Pavilion

Team: Miled Lahoud + Andrea Escobar + Alvaro Zavala + Francesco Padderno+ Matías Salas (LSAA)

Location: Mantova, Italy

Year: 2022

Type of Project: Academic 

Professor: Eduardo Souto de Moura + Barbara Bogoni

About the Requirements

Design a Pavilion extension for the Polimi-Polo Territoriale di Mantova

About the Proposal

The Pavilion is conceived as an elongated volume of glass, “a plinth” mirroring the facade of Palazzo d’ Arco,  The volume is surmounted by two opaque masses. The composition generates a new Piazza, surrounded by 4 buildings: INA House, Palazzo D’ Arco, Polimi and the new Pavilion. The first one, consolidates the corner of the Piazza and via Domenico Fernelli and host the Polifunctional room, the second one, host the workshops on a second level. The main access to the project is aligned with the axis entrance of the Palazzo d’ Arco.


Programs are articulated from central foyer, from here is possible to access the two areas of the pavilion: Exhibition room and Cafeteria. The back part of the Pavilion is solved through a system of “vicolos” and “cortiles” following the system of the city.

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