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Galleria dei Navigli

Team: LSAA Architects + Miled Lahoud

Location: Milano, Italy

Year: 2022

Type of Project: Contest

[Client's Favourite Award

Associazzione Riaprire i Navigli + Studio Primitivo ]

About the Proposal

The project aims to return the natural character that featured the landscape of Milano during the beginning of the 19th century by recuperating the “Navigli” and the experiences associated to it: The greenery, The social encounter and the Navigation. The proposal can be understood as a system composed by 3 elements: A water corridor, Piazzas and Bridges. The former one is complemented by the idea of “Alzaia” the traditional service path reinvented as a boulevard along the water. Piazzas will act as stations for the boats and will represent the “genius loci” of each interest point.  Lastly, bridges will mend the city again. As examples, 3 gravity points are presented: Cassina de Pomm, San Marco and Via Melchiorre GIoia. The last one as the main project.

Via Melchiorrre Gioia Galleria dei Navigli: Bridge + Station +Sculpture


Via Melchiorre presents itself as an unique urban configuration in the city, the extended avenue with no intersecting streets presents the opportunity to connect the two parks with a naviglio of strong character. A green and blue core for the city. The existing Parks are connected by the “Galleria dei Navigli”: a Bridge-Piazza. The Bridge is posed over a perpendicular volume that host the Navigli station and allows the activation of  the smaller park. The Gallery is perceived as another piece in the methapysical composition of elements arranged in the area (4). Roads are disposed underneath the canal

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