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Archivio di Santa Paola

Team: Mina Tawadros + Amr Al Saeed + Juan Camacho + Matias Salas (LSAA Architects) 

Location: Mantova, Italy

Year: 2023

Type of Project: Academic, Politecnico di Milano

Professor: Massimo Ferrari + Cristián Undurraga

Mantova's cultural Park

Upon examining historical maps (Raineri, Giuseppe, Pianta della regia città di Mantova, 1831), we have realized that the area had a distinct identity characterized by green spaces, primarily dedicated to agriculture, with cultural assets interspersed among them. To recapture this lost memory and revive the area’s image, we propose the creation of interconnected green parks that link all the cultural buildings. This initiative aims to establish a cohesive and sustainable environment that celebrates the region’s heritage and promotes community engagement. Drawing inspiration from the city’s future plans, particularly the Mantova Hub project, it becomes evident that this area has the potential to be transformed into a sprawling cultural park. This envisioned park would seamlessly blend nature with the urban fabric of the city. By leveraging the existing green belt that encompasses the city and extends across the lake, it would be possible to integrate this specific area with other significant cultural assets such as Palazzo Te and the Palazzo Ducale district. The aim is to create a harmonious connection between these cultural landmarks, allowing nature and cultural heritage to coexist and flourish together.

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