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Città Universitaria Poveglia

Team:  Matías Salas 

Location: Venice, Italy

Year: 2016

Type of Project: Contest - Concept- Bachelor Thesis

Professor: Rodrigo Aguilar + Pablo Montecinos

About the Proposal

Proposal for the YAC Poveglia Contest for a master plan for the island of Poveglia. The proposal aims considers a University Campus composed by 3 Faculties according to the history and tradition of Venice and Poveglia: Architecture + Trade + Agriculture.

The Island is reorganized as follows: North Island: designed as a Public Park + Students Accomodations, taking as starting point the current existing forest there and the recuperation of the historical agricultural traces, from the middle of XX Century;

The Main Island is proposed as a the “University Citadel”, a place for Faculties and equipment, designed following the historical complex where the old hospital took place. Finally the defense Octagon is projected as a Memorial to the history of Poveglia.

New Programs are hosted under a natural slope, that extends the nature and creates a new facades towards the lagoon, following the border tradition of Venice. At the same time the gesture provides social encounter spaces and an extraordinary lookout over the lagoon.

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