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Acqua Strada

Team: Manali Vaishnav + Laura Marcacci

+ Anastasia Byshkova+ Matias Salas SAA Architects)

Location:  Serraglio Mantovano, Italy

Year: 2022

Type of Project: Academic , Urban Planning

Professor: Carlo Perabonni

About the Proposal


Water plays an important role in the shaping the image of the territory and the city, From Mincio River water has been dragged down towards the settlements. Its presence allows the thriving of cultivable land and livable flora and fauna. The utilitarian aspect of water is preserved and boosted. Likewise water’s role will be translated into sensitive interventions within the public realm space.

1) Water as a fundamental resource - This design provides appropriate connectivity to water resources and also uses water as means of transport.

2) Water as leisure - Water has always been fascinating for people Generating activities around water and in water is another goal this proposal achieves


Agriculture dominates the landscape of this precinct. This plan focuses towards preserving the historical presence of various types of agriculture and proposing activities for its enhanced functioning.


The design aims in creating obstacle free and clean infrastructure that connects self sustainable settlement with the water flows.

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